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  • Ship Shape Classics

    Episode 10, Season 19
    January 15, 2016 mike-phillips-4-15

    EPISODE #: SSTV 20-06 TITLE: Cabin Interior Make Over” Part 1 DESCRIPTION: Watch the SSTV crew this week rip out the interior of a popular model pleasure boat’s cabin. Also see on a brand new vessel being built for the G-Man how the top c...

  • Ship Shape TV

    Episode 18, Season 20
    January 8, 2016 img-06

    EPISODE #: SSTV 20-18 TITLERebuilding a Transom using Coosa Board core DESCRIPTION: Learn how-to dig out rot from an aged transom and how-to rebuild the transom using super strong epoxy, various fiberglass cloth and a non water absorbing material/ co...