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  • Ship Shape TV

    Episode 10, Season 19
    January 15, 2016 mike-phillips-4-15

    EPISODE #: 20-24 TITLE: SSTV 20-24 Handling A Heavier Re-Power DESCRIPTION: What do you do if the engine you want for your re-power is heavier than your current motor? Find out in this episode how to handle that situation by using an engine bracket ...

  • Ship Shape Classics

    Episode 18, Season 20
    January 8, 2016 img-06

    EPISODE #: SSTV 19-21 TITLE: Glove Box With Wireless QI Technology DESCRIPTION: John changes out his glove box in his Bertram Moppy project boat with one made from Starboard that utilizes new wireless charging technology by LG.    Airdates: 1/...